The Trugmans Are Great Realtors!

I came across Susan and Alan through a referral from a friend at work. We were first time homebuyers, which meant that we were clueless to the whole process of buying a home. After now having gone through the whole home buying experience, I cannot emphasize enough how a great realtor is the best  asset you can have. I told them that we were on a time crunch and that we had to have found a house in three months. They were vigilant in showing us as many houses as possible that fit our criteria (clarkstown school district, mother/daughter house). And as we looked, they pointed out exactly what to look for that would make a great purchase. They did not try to and push us to just buy any house. They made sure it was something we were happy with. They did not make us feel at all pressured to settle for any place. They were patient throughout the whole process. They were on top of things and led us through each step along the way. And while some might think that this is the norm for every realtor, I have friends who can attest to the fact that their realtors were in absentia throughout their whole experience. What makes Susan and Alan great is that they communicated very clearly what is happening and what needs to happen next. They helped us coordinate the inspection, appraisal, negotiation, home insurance, and loan approval and so many other issues that came up along the way. Their attitude was professional and approachable and I felt very comfortable talking with them both (which for an introvert says a lot =D). I honestly felt that they had our best interest at heart and they had our back and I felt that as long as they were in our team, that things will be taken care of and all will work out. And even after getting the keys to the house, they still looked out for us and made phone calls to make sure that our son settled into school well since they knew I was concerned with him starting school just a tad bit late. At the end of it all, they not only helped us buy a house, but they led us to finally find our home (and as corny as that may sound, it so ever is true =D)

— Sheryl Malinas and Jay Robledo